About us

Proudly renowned as South Africa’s trusted SMEIP construction consulting firm, par excellence. Founded in 2003, New Age Engineering Solutions has become recognised as one of the top structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping (SMEIP) service providers in South Africa.


We humbly believe the four main pillars that our success has been built on are our team’s demonstrated pursuit of excellence, our integration of progressive technology for enhanced efficiency, our approachable attitude that enables us to deliver solutions that are on-point with our client’s requirements, and the fact that we have some of the most brilliant minds in the industry around our table, guaranteed.



Our services include:

  • Plant shutdown & maintenance services
  • Turnkey project management solutions
  • On-site mechanical services
  • On-site welding solutions
  • Shop fabrication services
  • Welding engineering & inspection solutions
  • Electrician installations of actuators, motors, transformers and others
  • Electrical testing, including megger testing and insulation and resistance testing
  • Composite wrapping solutions for live leak sealing and integrity wrapping
  • High torque & tensioning applications
  • Flange management
  • Quantity Surveying solutions

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Our Story

New Age Welding Solutions was formed in November 2003. After establishing ourselves in the industry we changed our name to New Age Engineering Solutions in Jan 2017. New Age Engineering Solutions is a truly transformed organisation at the ownership and operational level. New Age is a level 1 empowering organisation with 51% black ownership and 44.98% black woman ownership.


New Age Engineering Solutions has 21 years’ experience in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining sector, as well as 15 years’ experience in the Nuclear energy environment, including the Fossil fuel plants.. Our offering is delivered through the applications of OHSA and international safety standards that include amongst others, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), European Standards (EN) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). New Age systems are accredited to those standards

Our Values

Safety First

I focus on my own safety, as well as the safety of my colleagues and all those who make use of our services and equipment.

People First

I seek to improve the lives of my colleagues and clients.


I respond quickly and clearly to changing client needs.


I am responsible for my actions and honour my commitments to colleagues and clients.


Our vision is to revolutionize our SMEIP industry through excellence, innovation, empowerment and new  technology.


  • We provide professional SMEIP solutions across all industrial markets. We specialize in Maintenance , Shutdown, turnkey project management, Welding Engineering & QC Solutions through the application of our highly qualified and motivated teams.


  • We strive to exceed all our customers’ expectations through excellent service, quality by using cutting edge technology and methods to enhance the customer’s equipment integrity and availability.


  • We are further committed to create a safe working environment and constantly apply innovative solutions in order to reduce the total cost of ownership to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Pulp & Paper; Rail and Transport, Food & Beverage customers.


Serve, Solve and Uplift


In the bigger scheme of things, “We serve others”. We also enjoy the intellectual challenge of solving difficult problems and producing innovative solutions for clients. And finally, we want to be part of building an organisation that uplifts others. An organisation that not only encourages and inspires, but also practically improves the lives of all stakeholders – shareholders, colleagues, clients, suppliers, families and communities.