Our highly experienced team of commercial cleaning professionals are well versed in the specific requirements of the car showroom and possess the knowledge and skills and the necessary equipment to get...


the job done to the highest possible standards. We understand the specific problem areas that are often encountered by car dealerships (such as white floors covered in oil & tyre marks) and know exactly the best methods and products for these issues.


Seshego Hygiene will also include the showroom windows and maintenance areas within the cleaning contract. Our attention to detail will ensure that your showroom gives the best possible impression to your customers.


We provide a world-class service with flexible working hours. The office is surely the busiest place during the day time, therefore we schedule our work according to your shifts and timetable to make the running of the office...


… easy and smooth. Weekends, late evenings or early morning? That won’t be a problem for us, just choose what is convenient for you.


Our office cleaning service is tailored to customer individual need, which means we pay close attention to what area we clean and how.


Our top-notch office cleaning services include but not limited to:


Office area – we will remove trash from the bins, vacuum carpets and polish floors, wiping dust, lobbies and conference hall cleaning.


Kitchen cleaning: We will put a schedule in place to regularly clean and disinfect your fridges, coffee machines and all appliances and washing of dishes.


Restroom cleaning: Every time we change trash bags, cleaning of toilet bowls, seats and handles and refilling of soap.


One of the most important aspects that hotel guests check is the cleanliness and hygiene standards of hotels that they visit and these will be the deciding factors if the guests are to return to the hotel and if they are...


to recommend the hotel to friends and family and these aspects are very important for the surveys. With the cleanliness of bathrooms and bedrooms being the most critical.


Seshego Hygiene ensures that your hotel comes highly recommended in terms of cleanliness and hygiene standards. These standards will be maintained throughout the hotel from the reception area, gyms, restaurant and all function and meeting places including pools and garden area.


We pride ourselves on being the best in the cleaning industry and we strive for continual improvement for the benefit of our clients and their valued customers


From the smallest office building to any high-rise, when it comes to choosing a quality window cleaning service the choice is clear. Once on site, we work quickly and quietly and create very few disruptions.


We understand completely, the need for professional conduct while performing service in an office and professional atmosphere. We are uniformed and professional. While inside any job we exercise great caution around carpets, desks, and office equipment.

The cleanliness of your property creates a pleasant working environment for everyone associated with it. The quality that Seshego Hygiene provides should be an important part of every properties’ maintenance program.

We are always available to discuss maintenance program options and provide you with a free estimate. We will organize a cleaning schedule to meet your needs and budget.


In an industry that sees such a high volume of clients each day, appearance is of outmost importance. If your bank is messy, it sends the message that...


you cant be bothered to take care of things, so what does that say about your ability to take care of clients’ money? Simply put, a disorganised bank seems less trustworthy than an organised one. Trust is of outmost importance when dealing with client’s finances.


You only have one chance to make a good first lasting impression, so make sure you are sending the right message to potential clients by presenting them with a bank that is tidy and well kept. With our professional cleaning services, every square inch of your bank will be meticulously cleaned how ever often you require it, and you can rest easy knowing clients will be greeted by a spotless area.


At a gym, cleanliness is key. The more clients your gym has, the more necessary it is to keep it clean at all times. The conditions at a gym are perfect for bacterial growth, which brings serious health risks with it,


not to mention creates a less pleasant environment for your clients. Nobody wants to exercise in an environment that is dirty, smelly or otherwise unsavoury, and with Seshego Hygiene’ expert cleaning services they don’t have to; If you are a gym company looking for high quality cleaning service, look no further because Seshego Hygiene is here for all those needs.


Staying motivated is one of the biggest problems people face when going to the gym. Maintaining an exercise schedule can be incredibly challenging, so as a gym company its in your interest to create an environment that is as welcoming as possible.


Our retail cleaning staff is specially trained in how to professionally clean boutiques, stores, malls and shopping centres.


We develop cleaning schedules that work for your unique circumstances, either cleaning late in the evening or early in the morning to ensure the environment always looks perfect, minimise disruptions to your operation and maintain your brand reputation by ensuring your customer’s expectations of cleanliness are met.