New Age Engineering Solutions Adds Advanced Composite Wrapping

As a prominent player among construction companies in South Africa, New Age Engineering Solutions (NAES), a subsidiary of CG Tech, takes pride in introducing an innovative and effective solution that reinforces the integrity of piping systems in the construction industry. NAES now stands equipped with specialised expertise to execute composite integrity wrapping in strict adherence to ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards.

The benefits of composite wrapping include extending the design life of ageing assets and preventing unplanned shutdowns and live leak sealing capability. With the addition of composite integrity wrapping to the list of offerings, clients can trust NAES to deliver reliable and efficient solutions that surpass industry standards.

Through the training on composite wrapping offered by Metalyte Pipeworks, NAES was able to upskill its technicians, who are now knowledgeable in surface preparation, sealing of defects, wrapping, the technique of different composites to piping, curing of the composite and various skills required for effective composite integrity wrapping. Metalyte is also the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and backs all the design and warrantee aspects that have been proven through Research and Development (R&D).

This new service offering marks a significant milestone in NAES’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement through new technology. NAES collaborates seamlessly with companies, such as Titeforce and Sizonke, to provide comprehensive solutions to clients. This collective effort reflects NAES’s commitment to supporting technical innovation in the construction sector.

NAES team is confident that this new offering will guarantee clients seamless functionality and the long-lasting durability of their piping systems.

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